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When Dorothy presently asked him a question the Tin Woodman could not open his mouth, for his jaws were tightly rusted together.
Like a monkey which puts its paw into the narrow neck of a jug, and having seized a handful of nuts will not open its fist for fear of losing what it holds, and therefore perishes, the French when they left Moscow had inevitably to perish because they carried their loot with them, yet to abandon what they had stolen was as impossible for them as it is for the monkey to open its paw and let go of its nuts.
The authorities of Pakistan did not open the gates.
India-based Karnataka Bank has said that it is not open to acquisitions.
The cotton bolls that are still not open should be spread at a place and exposed to the sunlight to get more lint after the last picking.
If you receive a spam email, you must not open it but instead, delete it from your email system to avoid infecting your device.
On Wednesday, most of the shopkeepers did not open their workplaces following the tense night.
This will signal to the world that Wales is indeed medieval in its attitude towards foreign business, and not open for business.
27 because of an uprising that toppled President Hosni Mubarak, will not open before Tuesday, Egypt's official MENA news agency quoted the bourse's chairman as saying, according to Reuters.
But as he tried to slip his body through the gap the doors would not open any further and his right leg became trapped.
BEIRUT: Senior Shiite cleric Sayyed Mohammad Hussein Fadlallah said during Friday prayers at the Imam Hassanayn Mosque in Haret Hreik that the rhetoric used by Lebanon's political leaders "proved that they were not open toward other opinions.
Thompson said the city did not open the project up to competitive bidding.