not owing

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References in classic literature ?
During the previous year he had left the diplomatic service, not owing to any "unpleasantness" (he never had any "unpleasantness" with anyone), and was transferred to the department of the court of the palace in Moscow, in order to give his two boys the best education possible.
This ill success was not owing to the want of means: for, in 1758, General Abercrombie had fifty thousand soldiers under his command.
Mr Jones closed not his eyes during all the former part of the night; not owing to any uneasiness which he conceived at being disappointed by Lady Bellaston; nor was Sophia herself, though most of his waking hours were justly to be charged to her account, the present cause of dispelling his slumbers.
You can only do this if you can show you have a genuine legal reason for not owing the money.
If these debts were not owing, the people of these countries would hopefully be in a position to help themselves far more.
A Under the Hotel Proprietors Act, a hotel proprietor may, in certain circumstances, be liable to make good damage to a guest's property even though it was not owing to any fault of the proprietor or staff of the hotel.
He also stated that now the public has become so aware that they judge the political representatives on the basis of their performances, and not owing to their political patronages.
7 : not owing anything : even <I paid you back so we're square.
He stressed that ATC problems are not owing to a lack of money--airlines will pay $500 million this year for ATC services--but the government has kept funding level despite double-digit traffic growth over the past few years, laying the groundwork for the current situation.
This city's proud architectural heritage is not owing to generations of decision makers scared of the future and change.
It was also indicated that there was some confusion as to exactly how much Nigeria Airways owed, though the aviation committee chairman stated 'Sincerely Nigeria Airways is not owing more than USD50m.
He went on to create Goldwater's nominating majority, not owing to a popular uprising of hidden conservatives, but mostly by skillfully and ruthlessly infiltrating, organizing and capturing delegations from the non-primary states.