not part with

See: hold, possess
References in classic literature ?
But, I thank Heaven, I know, I feel--I feel my innocence, my friend; and I would not part with that feeling for the world.
Fanny gave a quick negative, and tried to hide her interest in the subject by an eager attention to her brother, who was driving as hard a bargain, and imposing on her as much as he could; but Crawford pursued with "No, no, you must not part with the queen.
You are not changeable in your tastes; when you make a purchase it is of the very best; and what you purchase you do not part with.
Then he offered the dwarfs money, and prayed and besought them to let him take her away; but they said, 'We will not part with her for all the gold in the world.
She kissed him, jealous at the thought that he might learn to know and love another nurse, and she felt that she could not part with him.
And as for the danger of the belief, I would not publish it abroad if I thought any poor wretch would be likely to presume upon it to his own destruction, but it is a glorious thought to cherish in one's own heart, and I would not part with it for all the world can give
My wife would not part with her for her weight in gold.
We might try it on one of his people; but The Sheik will not part with his revenge for gold.
I will give you a paper which you must not part with on any account, and which you will deliver into the proper hands.
She put up the two or three trinkets: and, as for the letters, she drew them out of the place where she kept them; and read them over--as if she did not know them by heart already: but she could not part with them.