not partial

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My friend Reldresal, principal secretary for private affairs, is, in my opinion, if I am not partial, the second after the treasurer; the rest of the great officers are much upon a par.
Has seen him hurry away when run and called after as if not partial to children and never see him speak to neither child nor grown person at any time (excepting the boy that sweeps the crossing down the lane over the way round the corner which if he was here would tell you that he has been seen a-speaking to him frequent).
In addition, the synthetic version of the drug is a full, not partial agonist.
We came here to find substantive and radical, not partial, solutions to the suffering of the people in the Strip," he affirmed, welcoming the tone and atmosphere of the talks with Hamas leaders.
Necessary elements to achieve full, not partial, integration
It urged regulators to ensure regulations are not partial to any technology and that they apply to all payment service providers.
I know that you are not partial to Gujarat, and you are sending delegations to Kolkata, Delhi and elsewhere as well," he added.
These people also say God is not partial, he judges people the same regardless of religion, race or culture.
The two parties praised the NUP's decision to suspend participation in the national dialogue besides the SPLM-N stance towards achieving comprehensive not partial solution for Sudan's problems.
Kadriu sees a solution to this crisis in early parliamentary elections that need to be complete and not partial He adds that the newly=created situation imposes the Government to accept the opposition's condition--the future elections to be organized by a technical government.
We're not posh boys, we've probably had our fair share of spliffs and Es but I'm not partial any more'
The Prime Minister-s Office quoted Maliki stressing that there must look toward at the area in a comprehensive view, not partial one, pointing out that security and peace are interrelated between the area-s countries, not total stability could take place in a country while a neighboring country is having troubles or unstable.