not partial

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My friend Reldresal, principal secretary for private affairs, is, in my opinion, if I am not partial, the second after the treasurer; the rest of the great officers are much upon a par.
Has seen him hurry away when run and called after as if not partial to children and never see him speak to neither child nor grown person at any time (excepting the boy that sweeps the crossing down the lane over the way round the corner which if he was here would tell you that he has been seen a-speaking to him frequent).
He will accept responsibility for her homicide and the issue will be whether or not partial defence applies in the case.
Any result and any judgment is tainted and not partial with them on the committee," he continued.
I am not partial or keen on drawing or painting people or animals.
Presidential spokesperson Ernesto Abella also said its handling of the case against Abaya was a chance for the Office of the Ombudsman to show that it was not partial to anybody.
He said that the government's vision is based on adopting reforms in the political, economic, administrative and development fields, adding that reforms should be comprehensive and not partial.
The ever-smiling young man is not partial towards me.
It's standard on higher trim but the C3 can be ordered without if you're not partial to the feature.
A What interests me most is music full of lyricism; I'm not partial to aggressive, ugly sounds so it is natural my favourite composers would be Mozart, Chopin, Schubert, the French composers and basically any composer who writes music with which I can make the piano sing
I assure you we would benefit from a war, but we are not partial to fighting," he said.
We demand the UN to pressurize the other party in order to reach a comprehensive, not partial solution," he added.