not pay

References in classic literature ?
Shall I hear my practice insulted by one who will not pay me?
Then," said Jones, "you have used me rascally, and I will not pay you a farthing.
The innkeeper when he saw him go without paying him ran to get payment of Sancho, who said that as his master would not pay neither would he, because, being as he was squire to a knight-errant, the same rule and reason held good for him as for his master with regard to not paying anything in inns and hostelries.
She never turned her customers out of her house because they did not pay their bills.
These principles laid down as invariable rules: that one must pay a cardsharper, but need not pay a tailor; that one must never tell a lie to a man, but one may to a woman; that one must never cheat anyone, but one may a husband; that one must never pardon an insult, but one may give one and so on.
Pete did not pay much attention to the progress of events upon the stage.
Then the tradesman does not pay a part of it-- the purchaser pays all of it?
It could not pay him to be a better one than he was, because I could not afford to buy things through him.
However, I knew I should go and should not pay him his wages.
Jerry patted me on the neck: "No, Jack, a shilling would not pay for that sort of thing, would it, old boy?
The governor sent me word that my servant should be restored to me upon payment of sixty piastres; and being answered by me that I had not a penny for myself, and therefore could not pay sixty piastres to redeem my servant, he informed me by a renegade Jew, who negotiated the whole affair, that either I must produce the money or receive a hundred blows of the battoon.
At last the banker who had loaned him the money said that if he did not pay on a certain day, his farm would be taken away from him.