not perfect

See: fallible
References in classic literature ?
For both the pause reinforceth the new onset; and if a man that is not perfect, be ever in practice, he shall as well practise his errors, as his abilities, and induce one habit of both; and there is no means to help this, but by seasonable intermissions.
There -- it is better -- it is the best yet; but not perfect.
Generally: but then, I did not spoil you; and you were not perfect angels after all: Mary had a fund of quiet obstinacy, and you were somewhat faulty in regard to temper; but you were very good children on the whole.
Yet it is not perfect - it has indeed been called "a most pleasant jumble.
Cornelius confessed to himself, sighing, that woman was not perfect.
There can be no true love where there is not perfect trust.
Elton's manners are not perfect," replied Emma; "but where there is a wish to please, one ought to overlook, and one does overlook a great deal.
That life I have led is like a land I have trodden in blessedness since my childhood; and if I long for a moment to follow the voice which calls me to another land that I know not, I cannot but fear that my soul might hereafter yearn for that early blessedness which I had forsaken; and where doubt enters there is not perfect love.
They were worked by strings from above, and the illusion was not perfect, for one saw not only the strings but the brawny hand that manipulated them--and the actors and actresses all talked in the same voice, too.
I believe it, my friend," returned Don Quixote; "for nature bestowed nothing on Dulcinea that was not perfect and well-finished; and so, if she had a hundred moles like the one thou hast described, in her they would not be moles, but moons and shining stars.
Come, come," said Monte Cristo, "confess honestly that you have not perfect confidence in Thomson & French.
I quite agree with you, sir," said Genestas; "but those who dwell on earth are men after all, and not angels; we are not perfect.