not permanent

See: transitory
References in classic literature ?
Pumpkins are not permanent, more's the pity, and in time they spoil.
And so that side of the frame in which that woman appeared to one down the perspective of the great Allee was not permanent.
Replying to a query regarding US suspension of military aid to Islamabad, Tarar said that the move was not permanent and the situation was being carefully viewed by experts on both sides.
He stressed that the suspension of funding was not permanent 'at this time' and that the money was not being diverted elsewhere.
While nearly all of the Final Bill's provisions will take effect on January 1, 2018, many of the Final Bill's provisions affecting individual taxes are not permanent and are scheduled to sunset after December 31, 2025, unless a future Congress acts to extend those provisions.
However, the exit is not permanent, as Adidas has reportedly announced plans to partner with Fitbit for a curated edition of the iconic smart watch, scheduled for sometime in 2018.
We need to be training British workers, not importing them and we need some common sense on allowing seasonal workers to come into the country on temporary visas, not permanent residency.
The approval from FAA, which granted Disney a waiver from existing laws controlling drone movement, is not permanent and can be revoked at anytime.
The doctor again confirmed that there was a tear in the scar tissue, which although painful is not permanent.
But after a day of tests yesterday, Anastacia was told her injury was not permanent and she could continue dancing with partner Brendan Cole, 40.
They say the colour is not permanent so they don't have to refund me.
According to the recent report of the parliamentary standing committee on home affairs the WPRs are very much citizens of India and have voting rights for Parliament but can't vote in the Assembly polls on the pretext that they are not permanent residents as per the Jammu and Kashmir's Constitution.