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Now of those principles on which the Carthaginians have established their mixed form of government, composed of an aristocracy and democracy, some incline to produce a democracy, others an oligarchy: for instance, if the kings and the senate are unanimous upon any point in debate, they can choose whether they will bring it before the people or no; but if they disagree, it is to these they must appeal, who are not only to hear what has been approved of by the senate, but are finally to determine upon it; and whosoever chooses it, has a right to speak against any matter whatsoever that may be proposed, which is not permitted in other cases.
Not permitted himself to run with the pack, the curious state of affairs obtained that no member of the pack could run outside the pack.
Harling, our nearest neighbour, kept an eye on me, and if my behaviour went beyond certain bounds I was not permitted to come into her yard or to play with her jolly children.
Staid till midnight, but not permitted to land by these infamous
Yes, their supreme lord and dictator was there, though hitherto unseen by any eyes not permitted to penetrate into the now sacred retreat of the cabin.
Some of them might lag, but the guest of honour was not permitted to lag.
Payment for anything other than the surrogate's expenses are not permitted.
A BIG-budget Top Gear trip had to be cancelled after the team were not permitted to fly to Kazakhstan.
Anyone owning property in Thornaby, for example business owners and landlords, were not permitted to vote, unless they lived in Thornaby.
Imams in Riyadh are not permitted to collect unauthorized donations to organize iftar dinners in mosques.
You arrive on the ward where your loved one is, carrying a bunch of expensive flowers when a nurse approaches you (not including maternity) and tells you flowers are not permitted.
The water comes during storms from March to May, and you couldn't use it there in the mountain without storing it, which you are not permitted to do without a permit.