not plain

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Was it not plain to you that I was speaking of two entirely different persons?"
Miss de Bourgh was pale and sickly; her features, though not plain, were insignificant; and she spoke very little, except in a low voice, to Mrs.
`Yes,' she said, `that may do very well in this life, but what will become of them in the next?' They too were sent to New Orleans; but were afterwards redeemed, at an enormous ransom, and brought back." Is it not plain, from this, that the histories of Emmeline and Cassy may have many counterparts?
And was it not plain that if the people cut off the share of those who merely "owned," the share of those who worked would be much greater?
Was it not plain that his usual course of life had lost its attraction for him, when the object of his infatuation had ceased to exist?
And is not plain living and high thinking better than the other way about?
'His hand trembles, his speech is not plain, and his eyes look wild.
"But was it not plain that the many men who did not work ate it all up?" Yellow-Head demanded.
Written in clear, if not plain, language, the text is academic and well-researched, though presented as if intended for a non-scholarly audience.
Prise needed to pick up enough points to from the three qualifying rounds to secure a top 36 position in the world rankings and admits that making the cut was not plain sailing.
Zinski was not plain error because the law was unsettled when the Court of Appeals decided Zinski, the court also said.
Steve picks up a dodgy passenger Meanwhile, Peter and Michelle collect Carla to bring her home from hospital, but it's not plain sailing.