not plentiful

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Day, the commander of the Baltimore, responded that "it would have been surprising, and not in accordance with the usual experience with landing parties had there not been some drunkenness amongst them as they were supplied with money monthly" and added, "Men who do not get drunk are not plentiful in the Navy and Marine Corps.
While not plentiful, G33/40's are around, but just in the last week I've seen ones on the Internet sell for upwards of $3K.
There have been books on the Israeli-designed Uzi in the past, but they are not plentiful.
Commenting on the issue, the New York Times said: "The English system of local government is hard to navigate, and opportunities for citizens to engage meaningfully with decision makers are not plentiful.
I do not remember much about the actual presentation and probably nobody realised until much later what a marvellous present it was, but it is perhaps worth remembering that my grandmother had been through many times in her life when money was not plentiful.
The bottom line is that jobs are not plentiful - especially jobs that are challenging and creative.
RATINGS RISERS SIGNIFICANT hikes were not plentiful in a busy week of Flat racing, but there was some food for thought from the handicapper's reaction to the Group 1s at the Curragh over the weekend.
The Under-21 team are not pulling up any trees while the graduates from previous young teams are not plentiful.
This will likely be somewhat problematic for most groups, since players with low ranges that go down that far while still projecting effectively are not plentiful.
Even those in reasonably well-paid jobs may find it diffi-cult to buy a home without parental support, and affordable housing is not plentiful enough to allow many young couples the luxury of starting a family in their early years together.
Only there is plenty of wood all round here, so we won't require coal yet for a while but there is great demand for coal in the Calgary direction, where wood is not plentiful.
Besides the duality of sun and moon, other binary tropes permeated much of the pre-Incan ceramics cultures: life and death co-exist and are celebrated; gold and silver, available if not plentiful to everyone; and, crucially, male and female unions.