not plentiful

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Even those in reasonably well-paid jobs may find it diffi-cult to buy a home without parental support, and affordable housing is not plentiful enough to allow many young couples the luxury of starting a family in their early years together.
Besides the duality of sun and moon, other binary tropes permeated much of the pre-Incan ceramics cultures: life and death co-exist and are celebrated; gold and silver, available if not plentiful to everyone; and, crucially, male and female unions.
It's just that a developed economy requires job skills that are not plentiful among the Uighurs, so large numbers of Han Chinese are drawn in to do those jobs.
Money is not plentiful these days but even during the Celtic Tiger years this didn't appear to be a priority.
Five of the 14 who fished weighed in after a match which showed that codling, while not plentiful, are present at a number of marks.
The snow was not plentiful, but it was soft and there was enough of it to make some good turns.
Perhaps not quite the bedtime reading that an eight-year-old girl was interested in, but nevertheless games, toys and books were not plentiful in my household and I treasured it for many years.
Cloddiau tend to occur in areas, such as coastal plains, where stone is present but not plentiful enough for a structure built entirely out of stone.
European biofuel is not only more expensive but also not plentiful enough to satisfy increased demand, there is no global soy supply, and the only country with the ability to supply oil in bulk is, specifically, the one Spain is punishing.
A day spent on the sunny sands, Of New Brighton's golden beach, With bathing huts that were lined up, At the clear water's edge (6d) If money were not plentiful, the trip would have to be, From Liverpool to Seacombe (2'd), And then walk there by the sea, To pass Old Mother Redcap's House, With tales of smugglers bold, Of caves and secret passages used the days of old.
Goals are not plentiful at the Hawthorns - only eight to West Brom in seven matches and nine to the opposition.
Gasoline might be cheap there, thanks to hefty state subsidies, but it's not plentiful.