not pliable

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If the government succeeds in appointing the Judges of its choice or reject the judges who are not pliable the independence of Judiciary is at risk.
We are experiencing a campus revolution in our universities, people enrolling in droves for Ph.Ds, but the change at societal level is still not pliable. Our academics are pageants on the ramp who adopt the vocabulary of the West, and without own vocabulary of intent, bringing change is not possible.
Mind you, the task at hand is to render the facts comprehensible, not pliable, with the truth your sole partner on the trip.
As a result, most of the roads are not pliable during monsoon.
Social media activists alleged that Thomas was not pliable with the builders' lobby regarding sanctions related to fire safety, and had therefore been transferred to please the building lobby.
After age three, the brain is not pliable enough, and the therapy shifts to coping techniques.
If your vines are not pliable, immerse them in a tub of hot water for twelve to twenty four hours so they become supple enough to work with.