not precise

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As the GPS-based localization of a pedestrian is not precise enough, the focus in subsequent designs is on enhanced concepts for relative localization and movement prediction.
So if you said 'Now let's make sure that in the 15 years of the sustainable development goals that are to be agreed later this year, we will cut illicit outflows in Africa by 50%, which means we come down from $50bn to $25bn', that won't be truthful or even possible, simply because there are so many other forms that illicit outflows take which are not covered by this $50bn, because the way of calculating them is not precise.
Volume measures, such as teaspoons, are not precise enough to calculate how many milligrams of caffeine are in the serving size.
The wording of the revised law was not precise enough, said Bishop Stefan Oster of Passau.
Although the parallels are not precise, the organization and mission of the Auxiliary were similar to those of the U.
Consternation ensues: This is not precise enough for the judge.
Mellowing THEY say this comes with time at a certain age But it's not precise enough to name the very stage.
Israel apologists counter that Hamas rockets are not precise.
However, this subjective knowledge is only based on personal experience and is not precise in terms of assigning weights to those different components.
It doesn't matter if this is not precise or smooth as we are trying to keep the look casual.
The deputy pointed out that information about rapprochement between the "Future" bloc and "Change and Reform" leader, Michel Aoun was not precise, explaining that talks that were leaked out from Paris stressed that the agreement should be Christian- Christian in the first place, and then other agreements would come.
there exists an urge to do something even when the goal is not precise, a sort of permanent fever that turns to innovation of every kind.