not precise

References in classic literature ?
Their accord was perfect, but it was not precise. It was a tacit accord, congenial to Mrs Verloc's incuriosity and to Mr Verloc's habits of mind, which were indolent and secret.
In the first half, we were sloppy with our passes, we were not precise. But that's normal.
Adding to the problem is the fact that national guidelines for treating pneumonia are not precise, Vaughn noted.
He also said that the Constitution had too many 'aspirational' ideas, not precise enough - implying that they ought to be precise so that everyone knows exactly what is expected.
Wales' passing is not precise enough for possession domination and Lawrence is the latest in along line of Welsh defenders exposed in a back four.
"These crimes are growing rapidly, and current statistics are not precise enough because many cases remain unreported," Col Al Ajil said.
If, however, robots are required to perform frequently changing movements, their controllers are generally not precise enough.
In a desperate effort to motivate his side, Monageng Thaele kept taking long range shots that were not precise to give goalkeeper Ezekiel Morake any hard time.
"Such reports are not precise. There is a mistake in what has been said.
'The petition is defective, it is not precise, the rule they cited is wrong,' he said.
There are laws of social dynamics, not precise like science.
"There was a lot of pressure and anxiety on the players and that translated into the finishes that were not precise. We had 20 finishes but we should have make the goalkeeper work harder.