not precise

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The roads will be buried, freeing the floors - on an approximate surface of 90,000 m2 - that are not precise for the railway exploitation.
I think against Wigan we lost because we played for 55 minutes with 10 men and we were not precise enough to score.
they started well, we were not precise with the ball, we lost a lot of balls.
The medical reports were not precise and conclusive and contained doubtful details.
The commonly used 36-ltem Short Form Quality of Life Survey (SF-36 QOL) may offer useful insight into quality of life in diabetic foot patients after treatment, but it is not precise enough to gauge patients' mental health issues.
Focus' is actually not precise as MSMEs comprise 99.
I think it's most likely that your scales are not precise enough.
Now, the AirBar doesn't support MacOS, but I tried it anyway and although the touch functionality is not precise at all, it seems the device is working on an underlying driver or piggy backing on the touchpad driver to offer touch functionality.
This is the official number," Assad said, adding that "so, the numbers that we've been hearing in the Western media during the last six years were not precise, it's only to inflate the number just to show how horrible the situation [is], to use it as humanitarian pretext to intervene in Syria.
The link between reducing the value of the Egyptian pound and the fall meetings of the World Bank and IMF is not precise, as the reduction of the value of a currency requires the intervention of the CBE to cover customer requests, which may cause a substantial reduction in the reserves and the fund will not accept this, according El-Menilawy.
The Russian strikes that are not precise cause me great concern because I think there is an indirect correlation to the refugee flow," the official said.
In case of FATA, however, due to lack of comprehensive socio-economic indicators, and project evaluation in different sectors was not only complex but comparative analysis of the development pace was also not precise and reliable.