not privileged

References in classic literature ?
Though some may get property, no one knows how, yet they are not privileged to transgress the laws any more than the poorest citizen in the State.
The Virgin, standing behind him, then did what a man's best friend was not privileged to do.
And so it was atween the Frenchers of the Canadas and the red-coated English, that the king did use to send into the States, when States they were not, but outcrying and petitioning provinces, they fou't and they fou't, and what marvellous boastings did they give forth to the world of their own valour and victories, while both parties forgot to name the humble soldier of the land, who did the real service, but who, as he was not privileged then to smoke at the great council fire of his nation, seldom heard of his deeds, after they were once bravely done.
What can you expect, my dear Porthos; a man is not privileged in all ways," said D'Artagnan.
Courts tend to ignore these difficulties when they rule that challenged documents are not privileged.
The Seventh Circuit held that "a dual-purpose document -- a document prepared for use in preparing tax returns and for use in litigation -- is not privileged.
Consequently, a communication made in public or in the presence of a person not a party to that relationship is not privileged, regardless of its content.
The taxpayer should not ask the investigative accountant for either financial or legal advice, since communications made for the purpose of seeking the accountant's financial, accounting, or legal advice, even when the accountant is working under the direction of an attorney, are not privileged.
Conversations are not privileged simply because a lawyer is in the meetings.
The court failed to see how deeming certain documents as privileged only in the hands of a peer review committee, while, at the same time, deeming those same documents as not privileged in any one else's hands does anything toward realistically implementing the legislature's stated intent when it enacted its peer review privilege.