not privileged

References in classic literature ?
Though some may get property, no one knows how, yet they are not privileged to transgress the laws any more than the poorest citizen in the State.
The Virgin, standing behind him, then did what a man's best friend was not privileged to do.
And so it was atween the Frenchers of the Canadas and the red-coated English, that the king did use to send into the States, when States they were not, but outcrying and petitioning provinces, they fou't and they fou't, and what marvellous boastings did they give forth to the world of their own valour and victories, while both parties forgot to name the humble soldier of the land, who did the real service, but who, as he was not privileged then to smoke at the great council fire of his nation, seldom heard of his deeds, after they were once bravely done.
What can you expect, my dear Porthos; a man is not privileged in all ways," said D'Artagnan.
Men, not privileged, not dominant, but acting out of a sense of responsibility and duty imparted to them by their Church.
These changes, if adopted, would include eliminating the privilege in criminal proceedings, clarifying that documents submitted to the state are not privileged, and excluding from the privilege information that is developed prior to the initiation of the environmental audit.
She complements us by figuring all that is not white, not Western, not privileged, even not womanly; together, she and we can speak as a fully integrated "we" in the way that we cannot speak with Jesus.
adverse action notices and appraisal requirements) is not privileged.
The Federal Rules of Civil Procedure (FRCP), which govern civil litigation in the federal courts,(10) establish a strong bias in favor of candid and complete discovery of all relevant information which is not privileged.
The excluded details of Mary Seacole's Jamaican life are not privileged in exactly the same way: The image of self she crafts in her narrative is detached from the Jamaican landscape without explanation.
Covering such topics as the Ethernet, fiber optics, and the powerline, this volume grants the interested reader a well-rounded, if not privileged, look into the world of broadband communications.
SELDOM do I feel any great concern for the Queen or the various jug-eared, vacant-eyed misfits who make up her benefit-scrounging family and who, were they not privileged, would surely be prime candidates to appear on the Jeremy Kyle Show.