not protracted

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They concluded: "The power over victims and act of killing itself, which was not protracted, could suggest an element of sexual arousal."
A humanitarian category is not meant to last, but internal displacement is more often than not protracted. Considering cases of internal displacement that have taken place globally over the past 20 years, the Internal Displacement Monitoring Centre (17) estimates that only 25 per cent of those displaced during this period have been able return to their homes.
You are very lucky to have had this opportunity: While fishers are common in New York and have been expanding their range, including areas like southern Saratoga County, most sightings are usually fleeting glimpses, not protracted like yours.
They are not protracted gunfights", said Lieutenant Colonel Steven Stover, a US military spokesman.
This registration process is not protracted, and the Government did not deny registration to any group during the period covered by this report.
The dotted rhythm in the opening Grave is heavy but not protracted, while the articulations and dynamic contrasts are taken to extremes, unlike Luks's bubbling loftiness.
Mohatarem said General Motors' view was that the global economy would improve in the second half of this year, led by a recovery in the United States, as long as a war in Iraq was not protracted.
Perhaps the most important, if not protracted and well known, citation of works of art as demonstrations of rhetorical operations occurs in Quintilian's discussion of the importance of the modification of rules and the importance of movement in speech.
'If it's not protracted, then in 12 months' time we think the industry is going to be in pretty good shape.'
Downing Street said the phone call between Brown and Hain was "not protracted" and the minister had offered to resign instantly.