not reciprocal

See: unilateral
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7)The respect Trump has for Rupert Murdoch is not reciprocal.
Our contracts are to a large degree one sided and not reciprocal, and year-on- year we have remodelled our agency structures to charge less money for
After a slew of pessimistic warnings on TTIP last week from members of his cabinet, President FranEaA*ois Hollande declared on Sunday that France"will say no" to the TTIP if it is not reciprocal, endangers French agriculture or violates"environmental principles.
Some 21 states that require licenses indicate that they are reciprocal with Texas' licenses, but Arizona, Hawaii, Louisiana, Massachusetts, * Nevada and New York, all of which require licenses, are not reciprocal with Texas, but may be with other states.
McLeish clapped the fans as he trudged down the Trinity Road touchline, but the applause was not reciprocal as a large section of supporters responded with boos.
It said Apple, in its original motion, said it was "willing to live by the rules that you set for us, because we want an injunction here and we're not going to get an injunction here if we're not reciprocal in discovery.
As described below, inter vivos QTIP trust planning can be enhanced if trusts are created by both the husband and wife, but only if the two trusts are not reciprocal.
It's not called the same thing in each of those states, and the laws are not reciprocal.
Representatives of Gottfried have reportedly contacted UO officials, but the interest is not reciprocal at this point in the search.
The extradition act, which will be used to remove him, has been signed by Britain, but not the US, so it is not reciprocal.
Love isn't a transaction: it's something you can give freely out of your own will, and it's real, even if it's not reciprocal.
But built into it - as Frank Field has pointed out - is an advantage in favour of the US authorities which is not reciprocal.