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(50) However, the employer is not required to provide paid sick leave or paid medical leave in any situation in which the employer does not normally provide such paid leave.
(2) For this purpose, the use of projected claims costs, or age-adjusted premiums approximating claims costs, is not required. In this circumstance, unadjusted premiums may be used as the basis for the projection of expected future benefit payments.
"Since workers often lack the information and investment savvy of professional money managers and since funds in a 401(k) are not required to be insured, retirement security for many Americans has been dramatically weakened."
Though more than a little rough around the edges, Common Sense Not Required will appeal to anyone who has ever worked at an automaker or other company where the bureaucracy supplants the buyer as the final customer in the minds of middle management.
Prior to the initiation of formal legal action, FAS 5 provides that accrual of a liability is not required unless: a) assertion of a claim or assessment is probable; b) an unfavorable outcome is probable; and c) the amount of the loss can be reasonably estimated.
Consolidated STATs for all life and property and casualty insurance companies in the affiliated group are not required by the NAIC.
Presentation of previously issued financial highlights on a comparable basis is permitted, but not required. The provisions of the SOP should be applied prospectively from the beginning of the year of adoption.
Even in situations where signal conversions were not required, expanders became an excellent way of reducing the interaction between internal and external SCSI buses.
If Form 706 is not required for the decedent's estate, the applicable date is two years after the date of the decedent's death.
Generally speaking, occupational therapy is not required to effect improvement or restoration of function where a patient suffers a temporary loss or a reduction of function (e.g., temporary weakness which may follow prolonged bedrest following major abdominal surgery) which could reasonably be expected to spontaneously improve as the patient gradually resumes normal activities.
For these reasons, and based on all the facts of record, the Board has determined that a public meeting or hearing is not required or warranted in this case.