not respect

References in classic literature ?
But of course that is because I do not respect myself.
She could not respect her parents as she had hoped.
Can you not respect that principle of loyalty which made the royalists give up country, friends, fortune, everything, rather than be false to their king?
She concealed them not because she did not respect or did not love her mother, but simply because she was her mother.
On the tables distributed over the floor were the books which humanity in general reads--and does not respect.
I will not have a servant in the place who does not respect my wishes.
And in the midst of all these solitary resignations and unseen sacrifices, she did not respect herself any more than the world respected her, but I believe thought in her heart that she was a poor-spirited, despicable little creature, whose luck in life was only too good for her merits.
She could not respect his eye, but his love and his complaisance were unexceptionable.
And I could not respect your sorrow more, if you were my father.
He began by taking charge of certain delicate missions which can be given neither to a man who respects himself nor to a man who does not respect himself, but are confided to grave and enigmatic individuals who can be acknowledged or disavowed at will.
If the case comes on, you will lose it, and you will never set foot in my house again, for I do not wish to receive people whom I do not respect.
To be sure, if it so happens that they offer me a heifer, I run with a halter; I mean, I eat what I'm given, and make use of opportunities as I find them; but whoever says that I'm an out-of-the-way eater or not cleanly, let me tell him that he is wrong; and I'd put it in a different way if I did not respect the honourable beards that are at the table.