not responsible

References in classic literature ?
An accident, for which he was not responsible, delayed him on his errand.
Now I am a millionaire, and P--'s son, a noble young man who is not responsible for the faults of his careless and forgetful father, is wearing himself out giving ill-paid lessons.
He said that women should look out for themselves, that the fellow who went out with a girl was not responsible for what happened.
I am not responsible for the successful working of the machinery of society.
Creatures who habitually say yes to everything a man proposes, when no one can oblige them to say it, and when it is so often fatal, are plainly not responsible beings.
The one drawback I can discover is caused by a misfortune for which she is not responsible -- the misfortune of having a sister who is utterly unworthy of her.
He was telling me this morning that, tired of letting his property lie dormant in Italy, which is a dead nation, he wished to find a method, either in France or England, of multiplying his millions, but remember, that though I place great confidence in Busoni, I am not responsible for this.
This city, which is absolutely unsuited to the poet-author of 'Zarathustra', and for the choice of which I was not responsible, made me inordinately miserable.
We're not responsible for all the cranks who choose to lodge in the same house with us.
It's no good him saying he is not responsible for those men.
He had not understood, he said, that I was becoming attached to her, but when he saw with his own eyes that it was really so, and that she might be taken away from him, it gave him such a shock that for a time he was not responsible for what he said or did.
Young man, I have no wish to be hard on a congenital idiot who is not responsible for his actions, but I must insist on an explanation.