not restorable

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Ronan, Competency Restoration: An Examination of the Differences Between Defendants Predicted Restorable and Not Restorable to Competency, 27 L.
A: Dead heart muscle following a heart attack is replaced by scar tissue and is not restorable.
After research was completed on each of the buildings, the structures were demolished if they were determined not restorable.
In the worst case, if normal bowel function is not restorable, they may have to take one daily enema for the rest of their lives.
In case that the fair value of derivatives decline and the decline is not restorable, the difference between the previous book value and the fair value should be reported as investment impairment loss in the income statement.
If we determine the parts are not restorable and we need to replace them, we use Nissan OEM parts if they are available,'' he said.
I often see mowers that have been left out in the weather for years and are not restorable.