not restricted

See: exempt
References in classic literature ?
The ascent of the posterity of the Circles in the social scale is not restricted, as it is among the lower Regular classes, by the Law of Nature which limits the increase of sides to one in each generation.
Paul Deighton, chief executive of Locog, said tickets have been held back until now so that organisers could ensure that the views from the seats were not restricted.
It is my opinion that while regular meetings of the City Council must be held in City Hall or any public building within the city, special and emergency meetings of the council are not restricted to the geographic limits of the city," Mr.
But, as these hard cases make clear, the parsing of "extraordinary" and "ordinary" care are not restricted to the ivory towers of moralists.
Grell notes that the island's centenarians are not restricted to any one geographical area, but are widely spread.
Since invisible ink is used, 2D barcodes can be printed over paper prints, not restricted by original print designs and layouts.
This high-end environment is not restricted to the well-to-do.
We are not restricted by analyst pressure on a regular basis and we are not currently in an environment that requires a lot of capital.
Hallucinogens, sex, and weapons are not restricted.
Charismatic authority is not restricted to the pastor; a powerful and influential lay person may also be a charismatic leader for Baptist people.
The appeals court affirmed, finding that the phrase "any action brought by a prisoner" as used in the Prison Litigation Reform Act (PLRA), restricting attorney fee awards, encompasses all lawsuits filed by a prisoner, and is not restricted to suits challenging prison conditions.