not satisfying

See: deficient
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SOME people get upset about partners masturbating because they see it as cheating or feel they're not satisfying them.
It's important to let partners know we care about them and it doesn't mean they're not satisfying to us.
Questions were posed that were directed at determining which duties of the principalship were reported as "satisfying" and which duties were reported as "not satisfying".
The gap between satisfying your customer and not satisfying your customer is 57 percent.
He said there are "ominous similarities" to the collapse of the Roman Empire, that our institutions are not working, and that relationships between human beings are not satisfying or functioning.
1.6662-3(b)(3) also clarifies that a taxpayer not satisfying the reasonable basis standard nevertheless may be able to rely on the reasonable cause and good faith exception set forth in Regs.
These included concern the DOL was not satisfying its responsibilities in its own ERISA enforcement activities and independent auditors were not satisfying their responsibilities to the participants and the secretary of labor in performing audits of plan financial statements.