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Western world should support popular movements and revolution, not selective groups from terrorists or ruling tyrants against national desires of nations.
Yet the indignation we rightfully express must also be consistent and not selective.
Olalia, while lamenting what he called a letdown of the justice system, stressed that: "The indignation we express must also be consistent and not selective for one and not for the others.
Researcher Kaumudi J Joshipura said that most of these antibacterial ingredients in mouthwash are not selective.
The embassy added that the two countries handle the issue of foreign agents differently and that Russian legislation is more universal and not selective.
The administration believed in holistic not selective development, he added.
The de-escalation zones should cover the Syrian territories in their entirety, and not selective areas where the Assad regime can enjoy peace," Yahya Al-Aridi, a political adviser to the Syrian High Negotiations Committee (HNC), told Arab News on Saturday.
The Government announced last year it planned to end the ban on new grammar schools being opened - while allowing existing schools who currently are not selective about which pupils it takes in to become selective in certain circumstances.
Drivers must slow down and stop when approaching a pedestrian lane, park on parking spaces and not along the street and pedestrian lane, read the traffic signs and signages beside the roads and obey them, must be courteous and humble at all times, let us not hate our law enforcers for reprimanding us and reminding us of our violations, bear in mind that the ordinance is not selective, its for everybody and must pray always before starting the engine.
Cyber attacks will affect anybody and is not selective to a certain country," he said.
We signed after we made sure that the Roadmap Agreement is not a supplement for the internal dialogue, but it would be inclusive not selective, and it would agree on the agenda of the dialogue inside the country, how to manage it in a way to ensure the integrity and confidence-building measures will precede the comprehensive dialogue inside Sudan," he said.
Breast cancer accounts for more than 30 percent of all cancers found in women and it is not selective.

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