not sensitive to

References in classic literature ?
They are, moreover, of a rough coarse nature, not sensitive to the delicate touch of the highly organized Polygon.
By nature he was not sensitive to, or afflicted by, nerves.
Raffles just now was not sensitive to shades of manner.
The company said he was charged with making the insurance division profitable by providing "a source of revenue that was not sensitive to fluctuating interest rates.
In addition, the electrode modified with the nanocomposite is not sensitive to the disturbing species that exist in blood sample.
This Coriolis flowmeter is not sensitive to varying process conditions.
In the short term, the quantity of oil consumed is not sensitive to price changes (the price elasticity of demand is low).
Mansour told journalists outside the Council that "extremist groups, supported by extremists in the Israeli government, supported and protected by hundreds of soldiers and policemen, stormed Al-Aqsa Mosque, desecrated holy sites, including some of them entered the mosque with their shoes on, and even some of them climbed on one of the maharabs, which is the altar of the mosque, with their shoes on, which is something that is extremely provocative and it is not sensitive to the feelings of worshipers, Muslim worshipers in that place.
Debtors in the UAE face prison terms for failing to clear their loans because institutions are not sensitive to their plight.
The man (resort owner) was not sensitive to Muslims in Malaysia as a whole, and in fact, had disparaged Islam as the official religion of this nation.
AMS' new system uses an accurate infra red technique and as a result is not sensitive to hydrogen, giving the submariners confidence in the accuracy of the monitoring.
Lohan has reportedly said that she believes that 'Betty Ford' is 'old school' and is not sensitive to the problems of young people.