not sensitive to

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They are, moreover, of a rough coarse nature, not sensitive to the delicate touch of the highly organized Polygon.
By nature he was not sensitive to, or afflicted by, nerves.
Raffles just now was not sensitive to shades of manner.
According to her, any environment that is not sensitive to nutrition, health and security of children is not a complete environment for ECD.
The enzyme detects glucose but is not sensitive to other commonly found substances in the bloodstream such as vitamins or pain killers, which often mislead glucose measurements.
Given these ground realities together with the inhuman treatment meted out by the 'neighbour's' forces to the defenceless and innocent people struggling for their right to self-determination, the remarks of the Dy Spokesperson are misplaced and are not sensitive to Pakistan's security concerns," the FO spokesperson remarked.
An equalizer system corrects the thickness inconsistency of the magnetic plate presently sold on the market, ETI says, adding, "Moreover, the cutting pressure is not sensitive to heat variations in the long run and during a continuous usage.
Rodenstock is highlighting that, unlike genuine wood, the sunglasses are not sensitive to UV radiation and humidity.
The company said he was charged with making the insurance division profitable by providing "a source of revenue that was not sensitive to fluctuating interest rates.
In addition, the electrode modified with the nanocomposite is not sensitive to the disturbing species that exist in blood sample.
This Coriolis flowmeter is not sensitive to varying process conditions.
In the short term, the quantity of oil consumed is not sensitive to price changes (the price elasticity of demand is low).
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