not sharp

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My dear friend, a great noble like you always leaves traces behind him on his passage; and I should think but poorly of myself, if I were not sharp enough to follow the traces of my friends.
Damp and soggy where it was not sharp and rocky, buffeted by storm winds and lashed by the sea, with the air continually a-tremble with the bellowing of two hundred thousand amphibians, it was a melancholy and miserable sojourning-place.
If you're not sharp enough, I'll creak the door, and woe betide you if I have to creak it much.
Wragge comes in, tell her nothing -- she is not sharp enough to be trusted.
Not sharp and vivid like that of her father, but dim and nebulous was the picture she shaped of her mother--a saint's head in an aureole of sweetness and goodness and meekness, and withal, shot through with a hint of reposeful determination, of will, stubborn and unobtrusive, that in life had expressed itself mainly in resignation.
Despite a 5-3 victory over Brazilian club side Fluminense on Sunday, Prandelli said: "We are not sharp enough yet.
Peter O'Connor, 48, raised the eight-inch blade again after telling his shocked wife Susan: "It's not sharp enough.
We were not sharp and gave the ball away and that is not like us.
Having got into good areas, we made poor decisions and we were not sharp enough.
Manning and his colleagues previously showed that Velociraptor's sharp-tipped foot claw could puncture skin and help the dinosaur cling to wounded prey but was not sharp enough to rip the skin open.
Although she takes on race-fit rivals, Gosden has his horses in such good form that it will be a surprise if she's not sharp enough to do herself full justice.
And Benitez said: "I was talking about Torres before the Chelsea game and saying he's not sharp enough but he scored two goals although you could see he was not fully fit.