not significant

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There is not significant relationship between perspectives of auditing report in acceptable report.
Taxpayers can argue substantial compliance when they have provided most of the information required by the statute or regulations and the omitted information is not significant.
8%), although this difference was not significant at the six-month follow-up.
Ceramic slurry costs ate higher than sand, but the difference is not significant on small molds.
Though we as a culture have been complaining through the Me Generation, Generation X, and Generation Y that we are producing cohorts of strangely socialized young people who relate better to their test scores, their computers, and their iPods than they do to other human beings, this may be a chance to forge some small, if not significant, improvement.
18 breakfast, the job growth in the New York region is not significant enough to fill all the vacant space accumulated over the past few years.
Then, the next step is inherently inferior, and the ultimate step is subhuman and then their lives are not significant.
They had a slight, though not significant, further improvement on the PSCL at 2-year follow-up.
However, IBC's right to discharge P is not significant, because IBC, P or both would each have the option to terminate their relationship, regardless of whether it was one of employment or agency.
At lower capacities, the difference between the number of drives required for the two RAID level/drive capacity configurations is not significant, but starting around 2TB, the difference becomes significant and grows from there.