not significant

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He had no great faith in examinations, for he noticed that boys never did so well in them as in form: it was disappointing, but not significant.
The words in themselves were not significant to her, but the fact that he was saying them was.
It can be seen that although the total interest charged calculated using the models is lesser, the difference is not significant.
The effect on local heritage is also not significant.
By applying unpaired t test, the difference between the duration of surgery in the two groups was not significant (p= 0.
H2: There is not significant relationship between auditing reports in acceptable report.
It is noticed from the development of the standard prices for May 2010 that the decline in the price of some food commodities and some other commodity groups has been marginal or not significant.
The coefficients for math, class, and major are not significant.
According to LAN, the carrier is not currently operating any services and the investment is not significant, Reuters reported.
Scorsone downplays as not significant enough to defeat the Bill?
The academy panel found that "the additional safety risk of going to Hubble versus going to the space station is not significant," he adds.
Chi-square results of MBTI and specialty choice regarding job satisfaction were not significant.