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The problem affects only PW-1100 series engines, not similar Pratt engines for Bombardier, Embraer or Mitsubishi jets, the source said.
The bag is described as being navy with three pockets inside and a little Scotty dog on the front but is not similar to the Radley brand.
Costco Korea claimed the two boxes were not similar in design.
The lawyer said this charge was not similar to the others involving the bail orders.
It's a pity there is not similar competition for some of the other places.
Gibson suggested her claims were not similar, against different individuals and would not constitute a continuing pattern of behaviour.
As you can see we are both not similar looking, our face structures are different too," the user said in the video.
Contract awarded for Royal 1 1/2 "x 1 complete fluxometer to be used in the services, should be original not similar, a specific class is required d fluxometer which are replacements of an existing equipment req: 1000445255-08-31
But then Sheela Chacko and Shirley Jacob are two different women and their battles were not similar.
The materials are not similar to those on the Grenfell Tower.
But the spokesperson said the delay is due to the fact the materials are not similar to those on the Grenfell Tower, and are classed as low priority for the labs.
His previous crimes were not similar to the alleged rapes and Yates's defence had been gravely prejudiced, it was claimed at the appeal court.