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Some might say that hyenas and monkeys do, but that is merely a sound, and is not similar to human laughter which contains psychological and mental aspects.
The home wireless broadband solution, not similar to fixed broadband connections such as ADSL or cable, engages the customer placing a SIM card into the modem and switching it on, then which will then empower quick internet access.
Hermione Lawson, of the British Skin Foundation, said: "Black henna and normal henna are commonly confused, but they are not similar at all.
Islamophobia may feed anti-Muslim attitudes but by definition Islamophobia is not similar to anti-Semitism.
A spokeswoman for the judicial authorities Annemie Serlippens told the VRT news network that "it is not similar in nature to the events in Sydney.
The water found on the comet is, however, not similar to that found on earth.
Like I have said before, I think he will bring something different to us, that's what we are looking at - we want different players in the building and not similar players to what we have got.
She said violent incidents with Iran are not similar to those with India.
President Al-Bashir: Return of Al-Mahdi depends on his renunciation of Paris Declaration and says Khartoum is not similar to Sanaa.
However, Arman said the SRF roadmap for a 'national constitutional dialogue' is not similar to the 'national dialogue' proposed by the government of the National Congress Party (NCP).
Eurogroup President Jeroen Dijsselbloem dismissed worries that Cyprus, like Greece, will need additional help from its international lenders, noting that the two cases are not similar and that he expects that Cyprus will recover in the short-term.
The terms and conditions are not similar to the previous UAS program, said Cyr, "but they are to achieve the same purposes generally.