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The feeling which caused these two people to partly eclipse the rest of mankind were of course not similar; though in time he had acquired the conviction that he was "taking care" of them both.
The incident was not similar to what happened to the hundreds of thousands of sugar and rice, which went missing in BOC warehouses in Manila, because unscrupulous individuals, this time, used different consignees and a Bill Lading to facilitate the release of the cyanide shipment.
He is not similar to Nouha in that he's looking for the ball over the top.
According to the report, denials of service are not similar to hacks, since they can occur without someone breaking into the system, but they can happen when someone organizes a host of computers to flood a system with information requests all at the same time.
This is not similar to selection of "Sportsperson of the year" or who should win "Britain's Got Talent" where people are urged to phone in to support the person of their choice - a process that can produce some peculiar and sometimes skewed results.
"I would hope that checks have been or are being carried out at all council-run establishments to ensure there are not similar issues."
"The two situations are not similar, with the Strasbourg case being concerned with an eviction from a local authority site for reasons not related to planning issues.
They are not similar off the pitch, but they are on it.
They are not similar off the pitch,but they are on it.''
He said: "Martin will have picked up a lot of things from Brian but they are not similar for Brian was a one-off.
Since the lawyer's services as a director on his client's board of directors were not similar to the services he normally provided as an employee of his law firm, the IRS concluded that any income arising from the lawyer's exercise of the options was includible in his individual gross income.
Kate Middleton and Meghan Markle are not similar to Princess Diana, according to a foot reading expert.