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But I may venture to say, after conversing with many members of the medical profession in America, that I am not singular in the opinion that much of the disease which does prevail, might be avoided, if a few common precautions were observed.
You see"--she tapped the volume of her grandfather's poems--"we don't even print as well as they did, and as for poets or painters or novelists--there are none; so, at any rate, I'm not singular.
Significantly, at the end of Saturday's roundtable, Khalaf noted that this was just an example of how understanding the experiences of women is not singular.
Their lively phantasmagoria of sexual action, inaction, predation, and pleasure is not singular among surviving medieval artifacts and texts, but previous generations of scholars found it transgressive of established nineteenth- and twentieth-century social and cultural norms regarding sex and gender, and thus incompatible with the demands of serious academic, scholarly study.
Drawing on her doctoral dissertation, the author explores the role of the representation of catastrophic events in the structure of Western culture and how catastrophes like 9/11 are not singular events but are understood in relation to other events.
This is not singular to the UAE legal landscape and indeed some countries have much stricter regulations about the use of testimonials in relation to healthcare products or services.
The sales of Bulgarian companies, which give access to market share, a strategically interesting technological solution, business model or innovation which may be implemented by a bigger market player, are not singular cases anymore,a stated the head of the Transaction Advisory Services department at Ernst & Young Bulgaria Diana Nikolova.
Akhtar added, " The problem is that identity is not singular.
If matrix B is not singular they would have to determine eigenspace of the matrix A, to the eigenvalue zero.
Stephens advances the notion of a shared if not singular "counter-discourse of racial freedom" that Walrond participated in, along with other Caribbean and African American intellectuals, whereas Chude-Sokei emphasizes the incommensurabilities and "discrepancies" of diaspora, which in the end resulted in Walrond's marginalization from the African American mainstream (pp.
Television's major, if not singular, preoccupation--looking for downstream markets for its product--suddenly had another outlet.
It is a place of information access not discrete product; collaboration and joint ownership not singular endeavour; real-time peer review and exposure of the process and thinking that goes into research and publication.