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But I may venture to say, after conversing with many members of the medical profession in America, that I am not singular in the opinion that much of the disease which does prevail, might be avoided, if a few common precautions were observed.
You see"--she tapped the volume of her grandfather's poems--"we don't even print as well as they did, and as for poets or painters or novelists--there are none; so, at any rate, I'm not singular.
FASTNET utilizes today's leading technologies to provide functionality -- not singular products -- while never losing sight of our foundation of world-class customer care.
The seventy-two-year-old Japanese director Shohei Imamura's studies in aberrant humanity have been nothing if not singular.
For example, "Love your enemies" comes as a plural command, not singular (pp.
Paulinus's writings produced "a world-view in which the symbolic and spiritual connections [among images] were considered more real than literal ones" (110), but which such connections were not singular or simple, but multiple, "complementary and interdependent, linked by an endless web of meaning" (129).
Linguistic and historical evidence indicates that "the Banjar" are not singular but many.
Jordan's constituency is not specific in the sense that it is not singular.
Leaving aside the geological history of New York and the ancient history of its Indian tribes, (there are entries for both topics), the book sets for itself the task of recounting New York City history from Peter Minuit and the purported $24 deal for Manhattan in 1626 to that curious, if not singular occurrence, the coming in the 1990s of a Republican mayor, Rudolph Giuliani.
as confirmed by unuwanta, parku is not singular, but an archaic neuter nom.
Most business actors' decisions and actions are not connected to the pecuniary reward to capital, and human nature is not singular, but multifaceted and largely social.
In comparison to other sixteenth century pittrici she is not singular in this regard.