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But I may venture to say, after conversing with many members of the medical profession in America, that I am not singular in the opinion that much of the disease which does prevail, might be avoided, if a few common precautions were observed.
"You see"--she tapped the volume of her grandfather's poems--"we don't even print as well as they did, and as for poets or painters or novelists--there are none; so, at any rate, I'm not singular."
In proscribing them, however, he is not singular; all professional athletes are well aware that a man who is to be in good condition should take nothing of the kind.
Jay Quinn They love a good road dig out here but not singular.
Yellowstone is a classic--but not singular --example of a predator-initiated trophic cascade.
The focus of the CDT is not singular to technical challenges: a core element will be to incorporate the concept of 'Education for Innovation' as described in The Royal Academy of Engineering Report, 'Educating engineers to drive the innovation economy'.
The source of light, apparently, is not singular. The viewer will know that instinctively but will find it hard to figure out what the artist means by it.
Here the author could have gone a notch higher in his interpretation to indicate how such a selfish scholarly endeavor was not singular to Borno but was in fact a recurring tactic of British rule in West Africa.
His query is not singular. Such inquisitiveness, underpinned by note of pessimism, prevails in most circles at this prime time in the run-up to the polls, set for December 30.
Clearly a case of simian discrimination and, quite likely, a premise for a new Planet of the Apes movie.<br />In driving home the point that copyrights require independent creation, but not singular originality, law professors oft say that if you gave a million monkeys each a typewriter and one of them randomly produced Hamlet it would not infringe on the rights of the original work because there was no copying.
That being the case, the verb-form required in the context is not singular (was) but plural (were).
Significantly, at the end of Saturday's roundtable, Khalaf noted that this was just an example of how understanding the experiences of women is not singular.