not specific

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The FARs are not specific and clear on this matter; thus, a Safety Specialist from the Birmingham (Alabama) FSDO provided this interpretation.
Any potential closures over the course of the next 18 months are a result of ongoing, case-by-case evaluations of stores and lease end dates and are not specific to any geographical market.
Checks were made with family members but the threats were not specific.
Incidentally, in last Monday's letters page, three of the five letters printed were rants against the Labour Party (the other two, though political, were not specific to any particular party), but I am in no way accusing the Western Mail of rightwing political bias, a charge which could easily be levelled against much of the national press.
Our policies are not specific for any class, creed or gender,' he remarked.
19 (Petra) -- Jordan's ambassador to the United States, Dina Kawar, said refugees and immigrants are the responsibility of all states and not specific countries in certain regions, noting the importance of reaching collective solutions and broader response to help refugees and host communities.
The US has "regional targets" that it wants to accept refugees from but not specific countries, White House Spokesperson Josh Earnest told reporters Wednesday.
A: The three trunk feature is not specific to species but rather training.
This feature is already available via the Google Goggles app, but the new version would improve upon it as the app is only able to search entire images, not specific areas.
ISLAMABAD -- Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif has said that the China-Pakistan Economic Corridor (CPEC) project is not specific to any one province rather the whole the country will benefit and prosper after it was completed.
He said the plane never entered Thai airspace and that Malaysia's initial request for information in the early days of the search was not specific.
However, this chemical is not specific to ovarian cancer and may also be raised in benign conditions, so a raised CA125 level does not mean for sure you have ovarian cancer.