not spiritual

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Understand, I do not say that it was not spiritual or diabolic.
As far as I can tell everything is practical, not spiritual, you just have to work things out, and the only person who can really help someone is themselves.
I'm not spiritual but it's a wild thing to get your head around.
But I always feel the need to qualify that my sense of empathy is very active and strong, very "real" Others like to say they're spiritual but not religious--I guess my line is "humanist, but not spiritual.
Violent economic centrifuge is operating on human beings who are already very far from equal in raw ability, if not spiritual worth.
What are abortion and homosexual activity and the destruction of the marital embrace through contraception if not spiritual diseases and wounds?
The 77-year-old Buddhist leader told a gathering at the University of Maryland at the start of a US tour that the root of seemingly sectarian conflict was political, not spiritual, reports the Huffington Post.
Doing so is the province of myth, not spiritual growth.
It's not spiritual, but you're somehow aware of these past dreams, ideologies and hopes--a failed utopianism.
What its change in style demonstrates is not spiritual decline, nor a change in its essential character, but a capacity to adapt to "different places, people, and time periods" (16).
Money provides physical comfort, but not spiritual comfort.
There's nothing wrong with having a treat but, come on, it's not a way of life and it's not spiritual fulfilment.