not spurious

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NS: Every medicine dubbed as spurious is in fact not spurious.
Moreover, placebo tests return a lack of collusion, which demonstrates that this result is not spurious.
We want facts to consider and decide which way to vote and not spurious threats from Europhiles.
However, the consistent null findings across cohorts suggest their results are not spurious and must be investigated further.
Even if the nine-dash map Beijing is presenting as proof of its ownership of South China Sea were not spurious, it has been overtaken by time.
So, not spurious precision, but clinical intuition.
Since there is substantial variation across states in several of these factors, controlling for them is important to be sure that the relationships depicted in Figures 1 and 2 are not spurious, as well as to make sure that these factors are not camouflaging even stronger relationships than those depicted in the figures.
They will not charge you, but your reasons for a revaluation have to be valid reasons, not spurious.
Any vendor wants evidence of financial substance, not spurious paper talk.
It is economics that should determine the future of incineration and not spurious stories about "poisoning".
That connection is not spurious, even if Saddam Hussein was not a collaborator of al Qaida: Clearly Iraq is now a prime battlefield for Islamic extremists, and success or failure there will do much to determine the outcome of the larger struggle against them.
Cardiac patients are dying on these waiting lists and we demand accuracy from our government, not spurious election pledges.