not straightforward

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He is clearly not straightforward but likely has the ability to win if putting his best foot forward.
Akinci said the road towards a solution was not straightforward and the reunification procedure had its ups and downs.
The issues were not straightforward and were subject to differing legal opinion and consequent risk as to any judgment on the correct interpretation," they said.
The answer is not straightforward, and our Government could not foresee today's situation.
Sea Moon was also third in the 2011 St Leger and runner-up to St Nicholas Abbey in the Breeders' Cup Turf later that year, but the challenges of training a sevenyear-old entire and gauging whether his enthusiasm and ability remain as high as before he went to Australia are not straightforward.
But, like everything to do with tax, it's not straightforward - there are three different forms.
It is not straightforward to connect the dots to get a coherent vision of the path ahead," a team of IMF researchers wrote.
Tackling the issue of non-attendance is not straightforward, but the numbers are so high that action is necessary.
Jan Bellens, EY's global banking & capital markets emerging markets leader, said, 'Success in these emerging markets is not straightforward, but there is great potential for those banks that get it right.
Argani (pathology and oncology, Johns Hopkins) and Cimino-Mathews (pathology, Johns Hopkins) present this consultation reference for surgical pathologists, containing examples of frozen sections that were not straightforward to evaluate and the ultimate diagnosis for each one.
Still it was not straightforward but he forced a tie-break and from 2-0 down won seven points in a row to clinch victory.
They say "evidence in support of the decrease ridership theory comes from the observed increase in injuries in other wheeled sports" Hence "the net effect of these laws on health outcomes is actually not straightforward.