not straightforward

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No-one denies there are maintenance needs (PS26m worth say ERIC, the government's database), and refurbishment requirements, some not straightforward, and that work is needed.
LOOKING for love is not straightforward at the best of times - everyone can certainly relate to that.
He added: "While our relationship with Iran has improved significantly since 2011, it is not straightforward and on many issues we will not agree.
He is not straightforward but is open to more improvement.
In Madrid Cruz "It is not straightforward like one nation can do it on their own.
However, returning the cash is not straightforward.
The race for a play-off ticket as one of the eight best runners-up is not straightforward, with results against the bottom sides not counting - and some of those still unknown going into this weekend.
The route from negotiated settlements and restitution between parties to centralized legal systems and Roman-canonical inquisition procedure was not straightforward, says Pohl-Zucker, nor can it be exhaustively described from a top-down perspective.
The economics of food online are not straightforward and it is not something that we are going to rush into until we have substantial customer insight and a better understanding of what is right for M&S and right for our customers".
The first six races at Gowran Park are not straightforward and two divisions of a 45-65 handicap adds to the challenge.
Akinci said the road towards a solution was not straightforward and the reunification procedure had its ups and downs.

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