not subject to regulation

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A chemical will be classified either as low priority and not subject to regulation or as high priority and subject to risk evaluation.
s activities are largely not subject to regulation by the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act and oversight by the intelligence court.
Because prices in most industries are not subject to regulation, price optimization has raised few, if any, legal or regulatory concerns.
Trolls are currently not subject to regulation, but some websites are putting into practice rules to mitigate their activity.
Lochhead said yesterday a crown exemption meaning military bases in Scotland are not subject to regulation on radioactivity by the Scottish Environment Protection Agency would be removed.
The guidance also makes clear that physicians who create mobile medical apps, or who customize a medical app for their own professional use, are not subject to regulation as long as they aren't promoting it for general use by others.
8 MW for public needs is not subject to regulation.
One is just by operation of Illinois law, properly understood, they are not subject to regulation.
They are not subject to regulation when it comes to members of the public seeking information about their operations through a Freedom of Information request.
Because the manufacturers classify these drinks as "dietary supplements," energy drinks are not subject to regulation by the Food and Drug Administration like soda is.
Professionals are worried that care for children aged eight and over is not subject to regulation and nor is care under two hours in duration.

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