not subordinate

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Their companies are not subject to Brussels' directives and regulations, their courts are not subordinate to the European Court of Justice, their taxpayers are not obliged to fork out for regional development in Lithuania, Slovenia and so on, and they are not affected by the many other iniquities of EU membership.
On this Asma stated that she will not be available on Friday, adding that lawyers are not subordinate of anyone.
Haaretz continued that Aruri is not subordinate to Hamas' military wing in the Gaza Strip and doesn't take orders from its head, Mohammed Deif.
A fundamental right granted by the creator is not subordinate to the financial costs or speculation - of our universities," he added.
It was Iqbal who was dictating to Congress how it would review legislation infringing on the sovereignty of the Philippine state, which is not subordinate to the claims of the proposed Bangsamoro substate.
But the Parliament does not subordinate to the President's Administration.
Reportedly, an illegal structure not subordinate to the National Security Service has been exposed recently.
While one might find American Baptists such as Mullins and Truett extolling the ideals of democracy, they did not do so uncritically and certainly did not subordinate their faith to those ideals but found they could support a democratic state that supported religious freedom rather than persecution.
Sheek did not subordinate the mortgage until December 2005, and had Mitchell defaulted between the date of the gift and that time, Sheek could have foreclosed on the mortgage and eliminated the conservation easement.
The tragedy is that the armed groups that are confronting the forces of the regime are not subordinate to anyone and are not under control," Lavrov said.
Colonization and white supremacy do not subordinate people of colour and Indigenous peoples in the same ways" (p.
Responding to a point of order of Leader of the Opposition Ch Nisar Ali Khan regarding reply of the Defence Ministry to the Supreme Court that the Army and the ISI are not subordinate to the ministry, the Prime Minister said, if the Army considers itself a State within State, then it is unacceptable.

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