not suitable

See: improper
References in classic literature ?
That which is suitable for a legate," returned the stranger, with a good deal of dryness, "is not suitable for a princess.
I confessed it, but said they were not suitable for one of my age and simplicity of character.
The old lady was a little sharp in her tone, having a prospective reference to Mary's becoming her daughter-in-law; for there was this inconvenience in Mary's position with regard to Fred, that it was not suitable to be made public, and hence the three ladies at Lowick Parsonage were still hoping that Camden would choose Miss Garth.
He would not mind; but they are not suitable for Phebe.
What are not suitable for you I shall give to the Sullivans, of course.
We dictate everything except his thoughts and dreams, and even these he must keep to himself if they are not suitable, in our opinion, to his condition.
However, those plans appear to have been scuppered as the ground there is not suitable.
Some people think that articulated buses are not suitable for Baku roads, but this is not so the streets of Baku are favorable for using these buses," he noted.
Nawaz Sharif responded saying that the current situation is not suitable to allow for another issue.
The present climate in Egypt is not suitable for a political satire program," he said.
Despite the promises of the authorities, new roads of Bishkek are not suitable for persons with disabilities, the elderly and women with strollers, according to an appeal to President Almazbek Atambaev and mayor of Bishkek Isa Omurkulov of the Republican Network for the Protection of the Rights of Persons with Disabilities.
Tony Hubball, Moseley I HAVE lived in a high-rise flat for nearly 48 years and I would agree that such dwellings are not suitable to bring up young children.