not sure

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We saved Austria, I am not sure that we did not save Russia.
I hope so, Michel," replied Barbicane gently, "but I am not sure.
I am too young to marry yet, and I am not sure that I should be happy in London or Paris--they rather frighten me.
He was afraid of shocking her, and he was not sure of himself.
I am not sure that you repay my care as it deserves, Esther," he declared.
You know, I'm not sure that your husband is quite responsible for his actions.
The answer was not altogether encouraging: the man was not sure whether his master were at home or not.
I do not know why my delight in those tragedies did not send me to the volume of his plays, which was all the time in the bookcase at home, but I seem not to have thought of it, and rapt as I was in them I am not sure that they gave me greater pleasure, or seemed at all finer, than "Rollo," "The Wife," "The Stranger," "Barbarossa," "The Miser of Marseilles," and the rest of the melodramas, comedies, and farces which I saw at that time.
I THINK you did--however, you'd better not mention it to your friends just yet, for I'm not sure.
Lewis Carroll absolutely conquered the difficulties, but I am not sure that anyone after him until Hugh Lofting has really managed the trick; even in such a masterpiece as "The Wind in the Willows" we are not quite convinced.
Yes, she married Manton, but I don't know about his liberality; I'm not sure but he cut her throat because he discovered that she lacked that excellent thing in woman, the middle toe of the right foot.
But he finished philosophically enough: "However, I got four portraits out of her, and I'm not sure if the last I was working on would ever have been a success.