not tainted

See: blameless
References in classic literature ?
If the people were not tainted with the spirit of their State representatives, they, as the natural guardians of the Constitution, would throw their weight into the national scale and give it a decided preponderancy in the contest.
I may be the Devil himself, but my gold is not tainted.
There were two doping cases involving Russian athletes, but this had not tainted what the sporting event had accomplished over the past 17 days, he noted.
To increase one's chance of finding a life partner who will be faithful to his or her marital vows - the part that says 'for better, for worse, for richer, for poorer, in sickness and in health, until death do us part' - one has to check if the aspiring spouse is not tainted with any of the personality disorders which are considered red flags.
Although there was no basis for the report, Yumang explained that, being a collegial body, the city council has to protect its integrity, and show the public that its members are not tainted with the alleged involvement in illegal drugs.
The post Froome denies breaking rules, says legacy not tainted appeared first on Cyprus Mail .
We are not tainted in this current day of what used to be the norm and even some of the cases this year relate to bets placed a long time ago.
After receiving the compensatory check in the mail last week, Rushing said the experience had not tainted his love for doughnuts, and he went to Krispy Kreme to get a glazed doughnut every other Wednesday.
Trump presented himself not just as an alternative to President Obama, Hilary Clinton and the Democratic Party, but also as a Republican who was not tainted by what his supporters perceived as the failures of the Republican Partys own elite.
They also seek to secure that the democracy process does not break the law or depend on foreign political or religious references and is not tainted with sectarianism, Prince Khalifa said.
The American is not tainted by demons of big chances blown.
The athletes will work together to continue the process of cleaning up athletics to ensure those athletes training and competing cleanly are not tainted by the minority.