not tainted

See: blameless
References in classic literature ?
If the people were not tainted with the spirit of their State representatives, they, as the natural guardians of the Constitution, would throw their weight into the national scale and give it a decided preponderancy in the contest.
I may be the Devil himself, but my gold is not tainted.
Chairman PTI Imran Khan has said that only those politicians are being inducted in the party who are not tainted with corruption allegations.
Gay men, however, don't have these conflicts with straight women, so they may be uniquely positioned to provide mating-relevant advice and support that is not tainted with ulterior motives from sexual rivalry or sexual attraction.
Summary: DUBAI -- Food safety authorities in the UAE on Tuesday reiterated that beef products sold in the country by different brands are not tainted by horsemeat.
He urged international watchdogs to avoid politicizing their work so as to preserve their credibility and impartiality and ensure their reports are not tainted either politically or ideologically.
A team of 150 scientists will take more than 6,000 samples between now and the end of the Paralympic Games on September 9 in a bid to ensure the Games are not tainted by disqualifications and scandals like those which have happened in the past.
They have their own currencies, they are not tainted by the euro crisis, and they are less indebted than any of the euro zone-sovereigns.
He thinks that Morsi has to be much more specific, and outline his tourism plans more clearly, to demonstrate that they are not tainted by Muslim Brotherhood views.
INTERNATIONAL Olympic Committee president Jacques Rogge underlined yesterday that organisers of the London 2012 Games are working closely with various authorities to ensure the event is not tainted by fixing and illegal betting.
Ganzouri headed a cabinet from 1996 to 1999 and although many Egyptians viewed him as an official who was not tainted by corruption, his record serving under Mubarak could stir opposition from those demanding a clean break with the past.
He also requested that the government determine the public funding of political parties as a condition for the holding of elections so that they are not tainted by political money.