not tampered with

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The case also sought the appointment of judges to supervise the polls, rather than BCCI administrative staff, to guarantee transparency and ensure ballots were not tampered with.
The highest court stated, "It's important that the samples are not tampered with from their collection to their use as evidence
He also said if EVMs were not tampered with then the exit polls' results, which showed Bharatiya Janata Party's victory in the state polls, would be proven wrong.
Now that everybody has given the opportunity to verify that the documents they submitted were not tampered with and the names of participating companies are made known, there wont be cases of people raising eyebrows when winners emerge because they have witnessed the process and could testify that no company was smuggled in.
Kevin added: "The video was slowed down for people to see it as clearly as we did, but it was not tampered with in any other way.
It is good for the education system as it increases competition, which means a better quality of teacher would be hired, assuming the selection process was not tampered with.
But while he raised doubts about the count of the vice presidential votes, Chong said he was convinced the results of the presidential election, which gave Davao City Mayor Rodrigo Duterte an insurmountable lead over his four rivals, were not tampered with.
However, the plan was ultimately shelved after Donovan's handler Milan Miskovsky, a CIA lawyer, told him to make sure that the diving suit he had managed to obtain for Castro was not tampered with by the CIA.
Sticker from DED ensures the lists are not tampered with.
However, he sees the narratives in Samuel as "fictional shaping of historical narratives"; the general contours of historical events and players are not tampered with, but the writer adds a theological perspective.
EA needed to pre-set these devices and ensure that the settings were not tampered with during transit or polling.
Further, the tribunal had asked the LHC registrar for a safe place to inspect the NA122 polls records, and issued a detailed verdict observing that around 10 policemen would be needed to provide 24hour security to ensure the poll record was not tampered with before or during inspection.