not think about

See: disregard
References in classic literature ?
Now, see here, Sis," I said cheerfully, "let's not think about it till we get there.
He did not allow himself to think about it, and he did not think about it; but all the same though he never admitted it to himself, and had no proofs, not even suspicious evidence, in the bottom of his heart he knew beyond all doubt that he was a deceived husband, and he was profoundly miserable about it.
He should not think about scoring goals, only about playing simple football.
And Lucas said: "It won't be easy, especially with a long trip, but we have to be ready and accept that and not think too much about the trip, not think about the game.
Why does the government not think about those families who have no place to go to during weekends or holidays, except those huge malls ?
Why does the government not think about those children who have never seen a beach and played in its sand ?
Don't not think about using the blog format for your practice website.
I did not think about it when I continued my innings this morning.