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Not to worry: Beginning to make its entry on the data collection stage is the pen-based computer.
If so, not to worry: By the time Swift-Tuttle crosses Earth's orbit some 19 days later, our planet will be about 15 million miles away.
Not to worry. A week later, the retirees were back at it on a hillside under a hot sun, and the week after that, they were doing their plantings in four inches of snow.
(I made a clarification urging the public not to worry about undervotes because these are not a sign of fraud and they are not significant in the canvassing of votes.
Kris told me not to worry about misses, it's about getting back on the horse and going again.
"I had a chat with Kevin Scott and told him not to worry.
No doubt Cllr Davies can afford not to worry about jobs with his expenses as a councillor.
A very polite man said: "Not to worry sir, it is meant to do that when you stop working for a while." I explained that it was doing it when I was actually working.
When I turn to the Christian toolbox for a remedy to this anxious world, I find a gospel reading that tells me not to worry about what I will eat or drink or wear, that God will take care of me (Matt.
Mary Fallin told a crowd of several hundred not to worry that they were bumped from their usual location.
Richard burns has told his fans not to worry about his health problems as he receives treatment for a brain tumour.
The new police tactic is to tell us not to worry because they are 'targeted killings'.