not unique

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Of course he knew that Sonia's position was an exceptional case, though unhappily not unique and not infrequent, indeed; but that very exceptionalness, her tinge of education, her previous life might, one would have thought, have killed her at the first step on that revolting path.
It is not unique to any one group or place, it operates in two directions, one act of disregard feeding off another.
THE letters regarding wardens/dog fouling are sadly not unique to any one area in the UK.
I would like to bring to the attention of all the Malayali bashers on the island that the following are not unique to any community anywhere in the world:
Therefore, according to the proposed regulations, investment advisory fees paid by an estate or trust to outside professional investment advisers are not unique expenses.
In fact, those white earbuds that so alarmed Andrew Sullivan are not unique to the iPod.
The author's primary point in establishing this comparative framework is to demonstrate that the frontier policy in Manchuria was not unique and that the Qing claims to protect the existing ethnic order and prevent Chinese immigration were largely false.
While California's law is not unique, other states' laws are not as restrictive.
While identity and access control are critical to Web services security, they are really not unique to it and are part of a much broader aspect of enterprise networks," said Daryl Plummer, group vice president and chief fellow at Gartner, Inc.
One worked for 60 days and never received a check, and his story is not unique.
c) Salvito points out that the inhibition of transporters is not unique to the musks.
Catholicism is distinct, if not unique, in its insistence on the priority of an authoritative moral community not of one's own choosing.