not vital

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To Jack Kearns, already a several-times millionaire, this loss was not vital.
One more request," she became very solemn as she said this, "it is not vital and necessary like the other, but I want you to do one thing for me, if you will.
The other half is Jon Lazam's sound design, which is nothing if not vital to the world-building, ensuring the viewer always knows, in the absence of visual cues, the specific time and place of every scene.
The arts and social sciences are, arguably, not vital to economic success, but it is dangerously misleading to put a value on subjects in this way.
The standing committee was also informed about conducting of census was not vital after every ten years but according to procedure in the rest countries.
We have spent the past six months stripping out anything in the process that is not vital to delivering an efficient service for customers while providing adequate protections for both parties.
I've won it six times or whatever so it's not vital.
And one of the most destabilizing things to affect our physical beings was the digital seduction that made us think our bodies did not matter much anymore--were not vital to our social presence--because look at what we can do from the safety and anonymity of a keyboard.
Contract notice: This Study Aims To Translate And Adapt The Transport Operators, Operators Not Vital (Oiv), The Set Of Technical Measures Or Not, Good Practices, Including Those Recommended By The National Agency Of Security Systems Information (Anssi) For Assessment Of The Vulnerabilities Of Information Systems, Implementation Of Measures To Reduce The Attack Surface Of Their Information Systems And To Ensure The Resilience Of Information Infrastructures.
Swiss artist Not Vital is giving a talk about his work at the Yorkshire Sculpture Park from 7pm.
However, those readers who have not read Austen's classic can absolutely enjoy this book on its own, as those allusions are not vital to the plot.