not vital

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One more request," she became very solemn as she said this, "it is not vital and necessary like the other, but I want you to do one thing for me, if you will.
Choosing a meat-free diet is a lifestyle choice - it is not vital for health.
BAKE[pounds sterling] (CyHAN)- Turkish Stream gas pipeline project is important and interesting for Russia, but not vital anymore, as the country has an alternative supply of its gas to Europe, bypassing Ukraine, Stanislav Pritchin, research assistant of the Center for the Study of Central Asia and Caucasus of the Institute of Oriental Studies (Moscow), said in an exclusive interview with Trend Sept.
He said that series with India is not vital for cricket in Pakistan.
He is calm but it is not vital to get promotion this season.
This is not vital," said Nadal, who has not played Djokovic at such an early stage of any tournament for eight years.
It's not vital for every role to ever actually reach stage four because being able to carry out a task with 'conscious competence' is perfectly adequate.
The information is not vital to appreciate the overall story, but did make me curious as to what letter The Mysterious Chinese Boy may have written to inspire the change hinted at in the novel.
On the announcement of this save big offer, the official representative of Keyideas, CEO, Shreyas Kejariwal, had this to say, "In today's aggressively competitive digital landscape with over 980 million websites floating on the web, to compete successfully with a winning edge and stand out from the pack, it is not vital but crucial for online businesses to have websites that are highly-functional from both front and back end.
QPR chairman Tony Fernandes may have recently claimed promotion this season is not vital to the club - but his celebrations following their dramatic play-off win over Wigan on Monday night suggested otherwise.
But while sleep is of course vital for both mother and baby, she stresses: "What is definitely not vital is that you follow anyone else's idea of a sleeping plan.
To get credit from the fans and from the media is nice but it's not vital.