not weaken

References in classic literature ?
Micawber will strengthen, and not weaken, his connexion with Britain?
But restlessness did not weaken his genuine and maturing poetic power; his third and last volume, published in
The department is also working to ensure livestock is produced under conditions that guarantee public health is protected, so that the products obtained do not weaken the health of consumers and any potential diseases are not spread.
RIYADH, Oct 8 (KUNA) -- Yemeni President Abdrabuh Mansur Hadi said Wednesday the recent terrorist attacks would not weaken the resolve of the legitimate government to continue discharging its duties from the southern city of Aden.
KASUR -- Mian Waseem Akhtar Sheikh Member National Assembly Standing committee for Information and Broadcasting said ill-plans to hold sit-ins 'dharna' would fail miserably and such moves would not weaken government's resolve to carry on with the development agenda.
He said, terrorists could not weaken the resolve of the nation for war against terror till its logical end.
This scourge will not weaken the determination of the Tunisian people to carry on the edification process, he pointed up.
Russia would stand united and not weaken in the face of almost a year of Western sanctions that show no sign of being lifted amid tensions about Russia's involvement in violent Ukrainian separatism, according to dpa.
The central bank said that expanding the bank's shareholding structure would not weaken the central government's control over the bank.
The Chancellor insisted the massive expansion of devolution would not weaken the NHS nationally but would give Manchester greater control of its own affairs.
Pressures from any side would not weaken our resolve.
These forces, co-operating with those from the rest of the UK, will collectively strengthen, not weaken, our impact.