not well-founded

See: baseless
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Judge Perry concluded: "PC Muntean's complaints of direct discrimination, victimisation and detriment having made a protected disclosure are not well-founded, and are dismissed.
Our objective is to have the regime in North Korea come to a conclusion that the reasons that they have felt they have had to develop nuclear weapons, those reasons are not well-founded.
Not far from this context, He said the concerns expressed by the High Commissioner at his opening statement about the Kingdom of Bahrain are not well-founded and lack accuracy because each detainee in the Kingdom of Bahrain is detained on clear legal bases and as a result of his violation of the penal laws of the Kingdom and is secured a fair and transparent trial before the courts of the independent judiciary.
Srinivasan said that he believes that some of the criticism is unfair to him and it is not well-founded, adding that one must judge him by results as he has just been elected.
Taking all of this into account, I can see an increasing likelihood that decisions could be made that are not well-founded, and (which are) mistaken, for which I do not wish to take any responsibility.
There is no reason why the NFL Defendants cannot devise a lawful player system, and their complaints about potential antitrust scrutiny are not well-founded where such scrutiny is a reality of doing business.
The unanimous judgement is that the claimant's complaint of unfair dismissal is not well-founded and is dismissed.
Clearly one possible outcome would be that the commission's concerns, on the basis of the in-depth investigation, would prove to be not well-founded, in which case we would be able to clear the deal,' he told reporters.
His party was against the creation of the health service and its commitment to one of Britain's greatest, if not the greatest, institutions is not well-founded.
We are expecting the Court to defend the CFI's decision, which held that the Commission should not have authorised the merger, and to judge that Sony-BMG's appeal was not well-founded," explains Helen Smith, the secretary-general of Impala.