not well-founded

See: baseless
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Srinivasan said that he believes that some of the criticism is unfair to him and it is not well-founded, adding that one must judge him by results as he has just been elected.
A recent article published in The Oncologist shows that many studies regarding overdiagnosis and potential harms of mammography are not well-founded and that their conclusions cannot be taken as fact.
Taking all of this into account, I can see an increasing likelihood that decisions could be made that are not well-founded, and (which are) mistaken, for which I do not wish to take any responsibility.
There is no reason why the NFL Defendants cannot devise a lawful player system, and their complaints about potential antitrust scrutiny are not well-founded where such scrutiny is a reality of doing business.
The unanimous judgement is that the claimant's complaint of unfair dismissal is not well-founded and is dismissed.
Clearly one possible outcome would be that the commission's concerns, on the basis of the in-depth investigation, would prove to be not well-founded, in which case we would be able to clear the deal,' he told reporters.
His party was against the creation of the health service and its commitment to one of Britain's greatest, if not the greatest, institutions is not well-founded.
Any inference of impropriety on her part is not well-founded and (is) destructive," Airport Commissioner Walter Zifkin said.
They are not well-founded biblically; they are not well-founded in theological anthropology.
In addition, the agreement is not a concession by the United States that its claims were not well-founded.