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The problem with a lot of cheap shop-bought Kievs is that they are not whole chicken breasts but bits of chicken reformed into a breast shape, often with other things added.
Bemused Di, 58, said: "I have been shown a picture of the missing cup - if it had been here we would have thrown it on the fire because it is not whole any more.
CHILDREN taught to read using phonics, where they recognise sounds not whole words, are 28 months ahead of what is expected of them by the age of seven.
TSE rules laid down by Europe require carcases to be split and the spinal cord removed if lambs are old enough to have their first pair of permanent teeth, creating costs in auction markets where teeth have to be checked for, in abattoirs by slowing down the slaughter line to split carcases, and in processing facilities by devaluing the carcase because it is not whole.
It is individuals who are responsible for acts, not whole groups.
About perception of Pakistan in the outside world, the UK High Commissioner said he and his colleagues in the High Commission have been working hard to getting policy-makers in London and elsewhere understand that what they see on television screens is not whole story about Pakistan.
Consumers' preference for bread that's been made with refined flour, not whole wheat flour, is partly due to the different aroma of whole wheat bread.
Given how close the margins would be, both sides will try to win over individuals, if not whole smaller parties.
This is because large-scale epidemiological studies usually measure plasma viscosity and not whole blood viscosity since whole blood viscosity measurement requires sophisticated apparatus due to the non-Newtonian behavior of blood.
If that isn't in place it might be able to sell some boxes, but not whole enterprise solutions, according to Nebuloni.
red meats, dairy, sugary soft drinks, fruit juices, butter, vegetable oil, margarine, eggs, sweets, processed foods, anything with added sugar, grains that are not whole wheat.
They are replacing that with boxed and packaged foods and not whole fresh foods like we have access to in the southern regions of this country.