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I opted for cream because my milk was 2 percent and not whole milk.
The claim by the police that crime has reduced by 42 per cent in 2017 rings hollow when it is also revealed that such a dramatic drop is the result at least in part if not whole because First Information Reports (FIRs) are not registered in cases of street crimes like purse and phone and bag snatching which remains rampant in the city.
The term "enriched wheat flour" is another name for refined flour, which is not whole grain.
Fodder/roughages are bulky feeds that are rich in energy and proteins, but are not whole meal.
However, good health becomes first priority when you are not whole and healthy.
In my mind I am eating only whole foods - no, not whole cakes and pizzas, I'm talking fresh salads, nuts and avocados in abundance.
Products containing "enriched" grains, such as wheat, are not whole grains.
i) an office which is not whole time office remunerated either by salary or by fee;
However, this data reflects mainstream retailers' sales data and not Whole Foods', as the grocer didn't share scan data with Nielsen over that time period.
They concentrate on the Psalter as a devotional book and include Breviaries, Antiphonals, and Books of Hours, in which the Psalms appear as they were used in the medieval liturgy, but not whole Bibles, in which the Psalms also appear but not as liturgy.
The answer is not Whole Foods and that is a problem for the Austin, Texas-based retailer.
Unlike a physical store, an online store is potentially available to whole of Pakistan, if not whole of the world.