not whole

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When I sit down even for the shortest time or if I am not moving and even when I put my feet on a sofa, my heels (not whole feet) ache, but when I walk for a while, the pain subsides.
Their voice should be considered a voice of a small number of their political constituents only and not whole of Balochistan.
I learned that just because I am missing patches does not mean that I am not whole.
The Unique Friends of Kerala donated platelets, not whole blood, to help patients who need it most.
Nick Bower also said: "Nothing wrong with the proposals, it's keeping dogs out of play areas and sports areas, not whole parks.
Full grain unsplit or grain split buffalo hide or skin; grain split whole buffalo leather, without hair on; whole buffalo skin leather (not full grain unsplits/grain splits); and full grain unsplit buffalo leather (not whole), have also been removed from the duty free the GSP list.
My ego wants to maintain the illusion of a solid sense of self that needs defending, trying to keep me safe at all costs even at the risk of a life that is not whole, vibrant, inspired.
So non-fat (0%) or low-fat (1% or 2%) yogurt is okay, but not whole milk (3% and up) yogurt.
Bambang said the bodies, which were not whole, have been sent to hospital for identification.
External debt has climbed to $95.1bn and any future borrowings are going to in part if not whole go to servicing existing debt.
People usually blame that low salaried officials indulge in corruption which is not whole truth.
A few new additions add a savoury twist to the game, in that you can now throw ingredients (not whole meals), a skill which becomes vital when the newer, split-level areas become available.