not working

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I meant that a man may work for a special end with others whose motives and general course are equivocal, if he is quite sure of his personal independence, and that he is not working for his private interest--either place or money.
Uber not working is annoying for riders but the app not working also has a severe impact on Uber drivers.
Yes, I do dread not working, although there are things I can do without running up steps six times - books to be written, things I've never got round to.
However, he conceded that having just two appointment slots per day was not working and that there needed to be a better way.
He rebutted a number of reasons which had been given for the camera not working.
Similarly, at Janakpuri Super- Specialty Hospital, nine of 19 CCTVs are not working.
Congress general secretary Digvijaya Singh on Wednesday said that he would not back off from his view that the model of two power centres in the party was not working.
Recall that the last parliament of Cyprus refused to accept a tax on deposits, saying it is too big a threat to the country's banking system, which is still not working.
In short, our economy is sick and the Government's medicine is not working.
Summary: A full-blown inquiry into the car insurance industry is to be launched after competition watchdogs said the market was not working well.
It's no wonder people from all over the place want to come to the UK to earn that amount for not working - it seems quite attractive.
Thai Airways International Public Company Limited (THAI) on Monday said that flights are operating normally at Suvarnabhumi Airport and are not affected by some THAI maintenance staff not working overtime.