not yet due

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But the deficit figure--bandied about by columnists and congressmen trying to prove a point--is ultimately misleading, because it ignores the liabilities accrued, but not yet due.
He also maintained that Rosal's attending doctor ordered her discharge from the PGH on May 16 because she was not yet due for delivery and there were no rooms available at the PGH.
If the investor purchased the bond between interest dates and he paid the seller interest accrued but not yet due at that time, he receives that amount as a tax-free return of capital out of the first interest payment he receives.
Despite the fact the twins are not yet due to be in the world - they were scheduled to arrive on March 25 - Sue is hopeful of bringing them home very soon.
Mr Dlugolecki said: 'Property damage is rising by 10 per cent a year and the bad news is that most of that rise is not yet due to climate change, but is produced because we are living in an unsustainable way.
The fourth had recently extended credit, and the initial shipment of $15,000 was not yet due.
Although the suspension of OID accruals appears appropriate in "doubtful collectibility" situations, the threshold for nonaccrual status is probably substantial, especially with respect to accruals of OID when the amounts accrued under the instrument are not yet due and payable and there is not a formal default through violation of a debt covenant, etc.
According to the friend, the landlord on May 26, 2009, brutally beat Zapanta after the latter refused to pay his apartment rent since it was not yet due, Monterona said.
For example, the holder of a guaranty can't be a petitioning creditor where the underlying obligations is not yet due.