notable disaster

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"Let him have the whole five and a quarter," said Don Quixote; "for the sum total of this notable disaster does not stand on a quarter more or less; and make an end of it quickly, Master Pedro, for it's getting on to supper-time, and I have some hints of hunger."
One notable disaster occurred in 1859 when British colonist Thomas Austin imported 24 rabbits for sport hunting.
Sir Cliff even came in for special acerbic mention by Daily Mail blogger Donal Blaney, who labelled him a "notable disaster" of the event.
One of the most notable disasters was the 2008 K2 disaster.
While Hurricanes Harvey, Irma and Maria were responsible for more than 60% of economic and insured losses, those were only the most notable disasters in a long list--in all, there were 330 natural catastrophe events in 2017, 31 of which caused more than a billion dollars in damage.
Although this is not a new concept, the perspective came into particular vogue in the immediate aftermath of Hurricane Katrina in 2005 and has popped up after other notable disasters. Pundits rolled out military quotations from Moltke ("No plan survives first contact with the enemy") to Eisenhower ("Plans are worthless; planning is everything"), and the U.S.
But there have also been notable disasters: Celebrity Wrestling, Fat Families and Love On A Saturday Night.