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Pope's 'Iliad' and 'Odyssey' afforded the first notably successful instance of another method, that of publication by subscription--individual purchasers at a generous price being secured beforehand by solicitation and in acknowledgment having their names printed in a conspicuous list in the front of the book.
And surely, he said, this occurs notably in the case of one; for we see the same thing to be both one and infinite in multitude?
These noble qualities flourish as notably in a country church and churchyard as in the drawing-room, or in the closet.
And yet I was conscious of a slight shock or hurt in that she was able to do the thing I had begged her to do and which she had notably disliked.
To arrive at the meaning of the image in such a case, we observe that there are certain respects, notably associations, in which the effects of images resemble those of their prototypes.
Every night, at the same hour, does Miss Twinkleton resume the topics of the previous night, comprehending the tenderer scandal of Cloisterham, of which she has no knowledge whatever by day, and references to a certain season at Tunbridge Wells (airily called by Miss Twinkleton in this state of her existence 'The Wells'), notably the season wherein a certain finished gentleman (compassionately called by Miss Twinkleton, in this stage of her existence, 'Foolish Mr.
It was pleasant to talk to this young man of notably good appearance--for Madame de S was not always in a mystical state of mind.
Notably, Lady Tippins has made a series of experiments on her digestive functions, so extremely complicated and daring, that if they could be published with their results it might benefit the human race.
NNA - Foreign and Expatriates Minister Jibran Bassil said that Arab and South American Countries converge on the need for the rule of the principles of international law in international relations, notably the principle of resolving conflicts through peaceful means, and non-interference in the internal affairs of States.
The Cabinet looked at projects aimed to ensure all the country's regions with a continous access to drinking water, especially as water resources, notably, those from deep groundwater, reached their limits.
During the meeting, they discussed bilateral relations and means to enhance them, notably in the communications' domain, in addition to issues of common interest.
Bragg who doubles as Deputy Emergency Relief Coordinator at the Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs (OCHA) said the UN would encourage the international donors notably the Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC), the European Union and the United States to contribute to Yemen's 2012 budget particularly the relief effort for the internally displaced Yemenis.