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Every person who may notarize can also administer an Oath.
For example, any DA civilian or legal assistance attorney can notarize.
On October 16, 2003, Evidence Exchange, the industry's first company that can notarize all documents produced during an electronic data discovery, submitted the 1 millionth document for authentication by Surety's AbsoluteProof service as part of the electronic discovery phase of a large litigation / investigation taking place in New York.
Instead of requiring property owners to notarize the document certifying their property's brush clearance, Councilman Michael Feuer suggested that the city only require them to sign the document under penalty of perjury.
The National Center for State Courts has endorsed the product and the American Society of Notaries has endorsed "Virtual Writing" as an acceptable method to notarize documents over the telephone.
Integration of Ingeo's ePrepare solution allows Rekon clients to sign, notarize, attach electronic payment, and submit digital documents to counties for official recordation.
The service notarizes digital content by creating a small digital fingerprint of the target data, which is then sent to be registered and notarized.