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It is this guarantee, this 'SEAL OF AUTHENTICITY' on any notarized documents that is the main reason why the government requires so many documents to be notarized in order to be effectively used in government transactions.
4, Circuit Judge Ellen Ribaudo found that Frederickson had by that time submitted a notarized form, and therefore had complied with state statute and could run.
"Managers of limited liability companies shall hold a duly notarized document which evidences their powers and authorities." Cancellation of Power of Attorney, Delegations and General Assembly Resolutions
State laws have always allowed for reciprocity in recognition of paper notarizations--if a person from California was traveling in, say, North Carolina and urgently needed to complete a notarized document, he would simply find a North Carolina notary public to witness his signature and notarize the document, and when he returned to California that document would be presumed to have the same effect that it would have had if a California notary had witnessed the signing.
So, as of this month, the bureau no longer requires civil rights complaints to be notarized.
(5) Yonge was the notary for John Lytill in the 1406 case cited above, and twice in 1411, he created notarized documents for Simon Doddenale, a Dublin merchant.
He also inquired whether it made any difference if the case was pending or closed, the stage of pending cases, or that the second signer had reverified information in the improperly notarized forms.
Both the living will and the durable power of attorney can be revoked at any time by either destroying all copies or by executing a signed and notarized statement revoking the prior document.
Richard Hansberger, director of eNotarization at the National Notaries Association (NNA), states that more than 900 million transactions are notarized in the United States annually.
If you do not want the item, simply return the card with the notarized signatures of all senior administrators within 24 hours.
To get off the list, a traveler must submit notarized copies of birth certificates and other documents.
We went downtown, filled out all our paperwork at the state building, and had it notarized in an office supply store down the street.