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By that same principle of reciprocity, a document that was signed in California but witnessed and notarized by a Virginia notary over a remote video link should receive the same recognition in California.
BOLI officials concede that there was no legal basis for requiring civil rights complaints to be notarized - no laws, not even any rules.
All of the challenges to e-docs involve documents that are not notarized," Hansberger points out.
An auditor should never accept a notarized copy as evidence of the existence or validity of an original.
I wrote the letter and had it notarized and attached Eva's picture to it, and she went back to the Mexican passport authorities.
2 A (b) shal be provided in Form -3 work experiences record, Section-Ill The work experience shown shall be supported with notarized copies of supply order.
The notarized statement of income provides a correct basis for the City Treasurer to compute the collectible local business taxes.
1042 to defer gain recognition on stock sold to an ESOP must file a notarized statement with the IRS describing the qualified replacement property that he or she purchases with the sales proceeds.
CDAC certifies all documents are present, complete, properly executed and notarized, and that the electronic data is an accurate representation of the required fields.
To casual voters, it appears that once politicians courageously commit to telling the truth in signed and notarized statements, they will be less tempted to shade the facts.
The rights of Sulliden to develop its Shahuindo Property in Peru are founded on an agreement dated November 6, 2002, notarized November 11, 2002 (the "Agreement"), between Sulliden and Compania Minera Algamarca S.
The notarized undertaking is to be submitted on Rs.